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When art and nature connect: UCC's latest exhibition - Irish Examiner - Barbara Knezevic - David Beattie

The latest exhibition at the Glucksman in UCC is themed around the concept of circadian rhythms, writes Ellie O’Byrne

Outside the Glucksman, in the grounds of UCC, a curious clock is on display. 

The minute hand and hour hand progress in the usual fashion, and keep time accurately, but it may take a while for an observer to realise that they’re looking at a video: An aerial view of two figures, ceaselessly sweeping the lines of debris that form the clock’s hands into their new positions. They’re keeping time with their endless work.

This is a video installation called the Sweeper’s Clock, by Dutch artist Maarten Baas. Inside the museum, the other pieces of art in the current exhibition all have a similar theme. All are chosen with the express purpose of making us consider a curious miracle of nature that governs all life on earth.

From plants to bacteria to people, all organisms are intrinsically linked to Earth’s daily 24-hour cycle,rhythmic patterns of activity known as circadian rhythms.

Dublin-based sculptor Barbara Knezevic’s large installation may at first seem static but is laden with reminders of the passage of time; plants live and die, giant candle sculptures slowly burn for the duration of the exhibition, and sea water evaporates in her piece, Exquisite Tempo Sector.

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