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Neil Carroll will exhibit at the Process 1000/1 at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Jan 24 - Feb 24

Fissure, 2018

Fissure, 2018

Process 1000/1


24 Jan 2019–24 Feb 2019

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IMMA’s Residency is one of the many programmes that activates the museum and Royal Hospital of Kilmainham site as a participatory campus of ideas and shared knowledge for audiences, artists and creative practitioners. Marking the culmination of the 2018 awardees of the inaugural IMMA 1000 residencies, Process 1000/1presents new work and research developed by artists Jenny Brady, Neil Carroll and Dragana Jurišić. The exhibition includes work realised over the duration of the artists’ time living and working at IMMA, and brings together a diverse range of practices from film to painting to photography.

Painter Neil Carroll offers varied perspectives through assembled structures which play with the risk of what may be resolved or unresolved. These collaged constructions challenge conventional painting by re-negotiating the format in a broader sense. Both structures presented by Carroll offer monumental and rugged landscapes embodying both urban and rural qualities, reflecting a visceral and intuitive use of materials, scale, energy, texture and colour to bring together an abstract and dynamic viewing experience.

IMMA 1000 is a fundraising initiative that was launched in 2016 to support the future of Irish contemporary art. Developed on behalf of IMMA with John Cunningham this initiative has enabled IMMA to directly support Irish artists by commissioning new work, providing funded residencies and acquiring new works for IMMA’s collection; the National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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