david beattie

david beattie

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propositional things, 2017

mild steel, wool, plywood, water, salt, chlorophytum comosum plants, aloe vera, rosemary, UV light, ceramic pots, orgonite, galvanised buckets, pith ball electroscope.

dimensions variable 

Erratic, 2017

silver gelatin photograph and augmented reality video

A quarter turn to face the light, 2017

solar panel, fireproof pasterboard, aluminum, cable, l.e.d bulb, concrete, steel, clamp, daylight

raster, 2017

copper, tv, speaker, sound of gravitational waves, salt, ceramic pot base, anti-static mat, polysterene, mylar 

dimensions variable

the impossibility of an island, 2016

cymbal, steel wire, concrete, carpet underlay, motor 

collection irish museum of modern art (IMMA)

Static, 2013

rubber ball, steel wire, motor, polyurethane foam, cling film, galvanised bucket, salt

dimensions variable